It seems that hardly a day goes by without news coverage of a high-profile data breach or successful attack. All these organisations employ security teams that do their best to secure their IT environment, although some organisations may lack the necessary focus on security or simply don't provide sufficient budget. Nevertheless, why do all these data breaches occur? One reason may be that too many security teams concentrate on protective measures alone.



Find out more about one of our instructors. Jenny Rayner works with directors, senior managers, internal auditors and risk managers to help them embrace best practice in governance, risk management and assurance.

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Hello from MISTI!

I am very excited to introduce the newest feature of the MISTI website – our “blog”. Here you will gain an insight into not just MISTI – but also, compelling,  valuable resources and information for Internal Auditing, Risk Management, Fraud and Corruption and Information Security.


The more things change, the more they stay the same, or so it seems. Naive users share their passwords with the world, senior managers expose printed confidential material to the gaze of the news media, systems stay unpatched and vulnerable to hackers for months or years, while more than half the population continues to visit dodgy websites that serve up all manner of malware infections. 

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MISTI are pleased to be working with (ISC)² for their upcoming annual Security Congress EMEA this October in Munich.

Building on the success of the first EMEA Congress and from suggestions from our members and community, the second Annual (ISC)² Security Congress EMEA will offer attendees six tracks of member presentations, together with panel discussions, keynotes and interactive sessions to inform and update all those involved in IT and information security - whatever their skill level and specialism.

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